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                     Electric Chain Saw

                           The Best Electric Chain Saw In the Market

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This electric saw satisfies the same tough professional demands on reliability, safety and ergonomics as our gas-driven saws. With its long, slim body, powerful electric engine, low vibration and noise levels, this saw is useful for working both indoors and outdoors. Stop time is below one second for maximum safety.

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110 V, 1600 W

Electric chainsaws are perfect for people who take a pride in their garden. These chainsaws are a great alternative to gasoline buzz-bombs for most household tasks - just plug in and go. No trouble getting it started, no need to lug around mixed gasoline, dry and clean or change fouled plugs or breathe that 2-cycle engine exhaust. They are lighter in weight than gas-powered saws. It means that you can handle a saw much more easily, especially if you are of a slight frame.

Power is measured in amps so that the higher the amps used, the higher the power and are the only type that can be used safely indoors, you know for instance you may want to try your hand at ice sculpture. However you shouldn't use an electric chainsaw in wet weather or more than 100 feet from an outlet.

Electric chainsaws are relativity quiet compared to their noisy gas-powered brothers. They are also easy to start since they start instantly, no more pulling on the start cord over and over again. One thing to keep in mind however, is to make sure that you are near an outlet or generator and that you have plenty of extension chord. Then there's the cord itself: always ready to get into a bind, snag on every stray limb until it manages to find its way into a blade, but hopefully you'll be more careful and not let that happen.

If weight and exhaust issues concern you then these chainsaws are preferred over gas powered saws. Gas saws are sometimes used for large sculptures where more power and a longer bar on the saw are useful such as wood carving. The electric version however are usually light and less powerful since they have a smaller motor.

If noise and gas pollution are important to you (it may be important to your neighbors as well), and you don't require a lot of power, then an electric chainsaw might be just what you need.

By: Mumby


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